Condor Non-Lethal Technologies, located in Rio de Janeiro, has one of the most complete Non-Lethal weapons & ammunition portfolios in the world. With a focus exclusively on the production of cutting-edge equipment, non-lethal ammunition and pyrotechnic signaling devices, the company has been operating in the national and global defense and security market for twenty-nine years while assuming a leading position in the production and development of non-lethal technologies and standing as one of the prominent exporters within the defense sector of Brazil.



12G Ammunition

  • 12G Rubber Single-Projectile
  • 12G Rubber Multi-Projectiles
  • 12G Tear Gas Projectile
  • 12G Muzzle Blast Tear Gas
  • 12G Explosive Projectile
  • 12G OC Blast (Pepper Spray) Projectile
  • 12G Launching Cartridge

40mm – Impact Projectiles

  • 40mm Expendable Punch/Foam Round
  • 40mm Foam Round with CS Powder
  • 40mm Rubber Single-Projectile
  • 40mm Rubber Multi-Projectiles

40mm – Gas Projectiles

  • 40mm Tear Gas Projectile
  • 40mm Blast Tear Gas
  • 40mm OC Blast (Pepper Spray)

40mm – Other types of Projectile

  • 40mm Warning Cartridge
  • 40mm Flash & Bang
  • 40mm Flash & Bang with CS gas